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Dec 07

Pop Open Week 16

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Two more tracks for you to cogitate over. Don’t reveal who they are please!

The Trouble With Pop

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Freaky Trigger And The Lollards Of Pop is broadcasting a “Pop Special” tonight, entitled THE TROUBLE WITH POP. I’ll be hosting, there will be contributions from Mark Sinker, Kat Stevens, Tim Hopkins and a special letter from Frank Kogan, and we’ll be talking about genre drift, horrible people making good records, referential pop songs, as well as hunting for the Swedish Lily Allen and the Iranian Rihanna. There may even be a quiz!

It’s at 7PM, on Resonance 104.4 FM if you’re in the South Bank area and at if you’re not – broadcast over the internet and then podcast afterwards on Also tomorrow there should be a special post with some of the more obscure things we discussed in MP3 form, so you can hear them without our yap on top.

And here’s a special plea from Ed Baxter, head of Resonance FM. Make your own minds up as to whether it’s a worthwhile one (though we think so!):


Dec 07

Poptimism – Lesson Festive Fifty

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Fairytale Of New York – Audrey 3000 & Mr Hopkinsons Computer

All I Want For Christmas Is You – My Chemical Romance

I’m Your Private Santa Claus – Eddy Arnold

I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Aly & A.J.

Christmas On The Block – Go Home Productions (Lopez/McCartney mashup)

Walking in the air – Osymyso (Heathrow expansion mix)

Coldcut’s Christmas Break – Coldcut

Good King Wensleslas – The Roller Disco Orchestra

Last Christmas – Jimmy Eat World

Another Christmas – KinKi Kids

ding-dong – TOKIO

Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town – Joseph Spence


Dec 07

Night On Mare Street

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If there is one thing that CAMRA seems to have accidentally, but willingly, sponsored over the last thirty years – its the ever so clever witty beer name. Real Ale’s, often been brewed as special beers, are often named thematically and the badges often have the tendency to contain DO YOU SEE poor cartoons which compliment these names. All of which is a bit schoolboy, especially when the names are of the order of “Bishop Basher” or some other inappropriate innuendo. Sometimes its just the shit cartoon on the clip that drives you to the lager – YES I AM TALKING TO YOU WYCHWOOD BREWERY. Put it like this, is the choice is between a pint of “Buxom Wench” and “Kronenbourg”, the 1664 wins it.

This does not mean that a beers name cannot be witty. And at the recent Hackney Pig’s Ear Beer festival it was all agreed that the Pitfield Brewery’s “Night On Mare Street II” lived in the acceptably amusing beer name category.


Pitchfork Tracks of 2007

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Pitchfork Tracks Of 2007: I’m in this, a bit (capsule reviews of T2, Groove Armada, Spoon) and voted in it and anyway it’s always intriguing to see what the P4K list turns up. What I thort of the Top 10, under the cut:


Dec 07

The Vaults II

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Return to the Freaky Trigger archive, putting up content lost from several years ago. This time – White Town, Kelis, Radiohead, Kraftwerk and the Human League.


Dec 07

Self-Organizing Systems In The London Bridge Pret A Manger

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I have been re-reading Philip Ball’s Critical Mass, his book about “social physics”, how the study of physics can lead us to understand aggregate human behaviour better. It’s very wide-ranging and interesting, with pretty obvious implications for my day job. One of Ball’s early chapters is about path-formation and “flocking” (eg. how a mass of people can most efficiently leave a room – vital to understand this when planning fire exits etc.). He doesn’t actually mention queue formation but it’s the same sort of thing, and it’s a problem that strikes me when I go into Pret A Manger for the occasional breakfast bacon and egg baguette of a morning (om nom nom).


Dec 07

The Lives And Times Of Pandora Peroxide

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the ladies voted (yet again) Kerrang!’s most fanciable female, by their creator. Not safe for post-adolescence.

(I will only take the NME annual “cool” polls seriously when Th’ Lone Groover is the automatic winner every year.)

Post-Loll: Its Just Not Rollerball

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OK, from the FUTURESPORTS desk on last nights FT & The Lollards Of Pop we first take a look at Keirin which chief engineer Carsmile Steve cited as the closest we get to Rollerball in actual sport. OK, there is a scooter involved SOMETIMES, but as texted by Rick to us after the show, Keirin has been around since 1948, with the role of the scooter/motorbike often been taken up by a racing tandem instead. What soon transpires from the Wikipedia page is that Keirin is two different sports really. The super serious pro-betting sport in Japan, and the rest of the world who might do it in the Olympics. Accoring to a recent article on, in Japan standards of fairness are a bit different and they are rigourously applied, in as much as all the bikes (bar the scooter of course) must be of identical standardised make. Which actually seems pretty fair: no knocking up bikes from washing machines in that version of the game. Basically Keirin is probably the purest form of velodrome speed cycling when there is an attempt to reduce wind turbulence* until optimum speed is reached. It also uses a repechage system for qualification, which is nice because repechage is a terrific word**. They tried to hold a Keirin race in London this year but nobody came.

BUT Keirin, for all its use of an electrical scooter (or what seems to be a gas guzzling moto-cross bike in that photo nicked from Wikipedia) is not Rollerball.


Dec 07

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 2, Week 5

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Kat’s year 3000 high school paper. Why training apes is a bad idea. Extropians as cybermen. Ray Kurzweil’s argument by graph. Darren Hayes hits a time lock. Tobias X Future warns of death by bacon. Nostradamus predicts Hitler, Mother Shipton predicts lady trousers. Futurists love their food. The Free Design. Rollerball makes no sense. Future sport as war. Centrifugal bumble puppy. David Bowie’s drum and bass is 2005 years out of date. Utopias don’t exist. Busted STILL fancy their teacher.