Return to the Freaky Trigger archive, putting up content lost from several years ago. This time – White Town, Kelis, Radiohead, Kraftwerk and the Human League.

Interview with Jyoti Mishra: One of the very few interviews we ran! The No.1 pop star on, well, pop.

This Way For The Future: we put this up on the same day as NYLPM started and it kind of set the tone – rave review of the first Kelis album.

Now You See Him, Now You Don’t: for some reason – oh yeah, getting hits – I decided to rush-write an early review of Kid A. I’m not honestly sure I’ve heard the record since writing this.

Expo 2000: Kraftwerk’s 2000 comeback written up quite generously. There’s a good idea in here which I don’t think I really get to.

Spacemen Two: pretty good write-up of the first two Human League albums, which were (I assume) out of print at the time.