Doing the rounds on Livejournal over the last couple of days has been the “Wikipedia band meme”, a methodology for creating a fake band and record using random wikipedia articles. I first saw it on Rosie’s journal (her of Popular comments box fame) and since then it’s sprawled all over my LJ friendslist, with more and more detailed descriptions of what these records might actually sound like. Some of the best ones (like Dave Moore’s ironic oi revivalists Fear Of The Daleks) are sadly behind a lock but my very favourite, which has made me larff out loud in the office several times, comes from FT’s own p^nk s lord sukrat etc. and is publically available:

Using a Fairlight, the band here build a classical symphony out of a single cry!”

If that isn’t in the next Da Capo book there’s no justice. (The link also includes, at the bottom, details of how to play yourself).