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Glastonbury 2007 sez

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I guess its too late to go round Mr and Mrs Suns gaff and see if little Jimmy Sun wants to come out and play? Am watching Gypsy nonsense in puppy parlour!
Pete, Sun 20:30

Who? Doctor The Who?
Pete, Sun 19:40

awesomewells, Sun 19:30

Ooh my feet! Mark Pompom and then Vitalic and then potential bin death. Only the calamacho can save me now!
Pete, Sun 18:15

We’re sitting having a lovely pint of real ale about 10ft from whisperin’ bob harris
Carsmile, Sun 17:15

Sweary old Dame Shirley has got this party started
triffidfarm, Sun 17:10

I have realised what glastonbury needs! A “supporters trust” so the concerns of the fans can be articulated to the management
Carsmile, Sun 12:00


i’ve got a PIANO and i’m goin to use it!

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ok my mum’s dad’s lovely blond schiedmaier boudoir grand arrived in my flat a little over six months ago, and my new year’s resolution was to PRACTICE RIGOROUSLY EVERY DAY and — apart from pressweeks and pre-deadline panic days — i have certainly PLAYED it every day i’ve actually been able to…

but even tho i have a rigorous practice programme DRAWN UP i have been a bit haphazard followin it — instead spending most playin time labouredly reading through the fairly large amount of piano sheetmusic i inherited from mum’s family (she was an only child with several piano-playing forebears): so six months into this thing i decided to MAKE THE PROCESS PUBLIC and institute 1xFT diary of my progress and my thoughts
abt it — THAT WILL BE FUN WON’T IT (pity my downstairs neighbour eh tho she has not complained yet)