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Jan 07

FOOD SCIENCE DAY 2: cheese that’s good to fry part 2

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The experiment continued: finding which cheeses are good if you fry them. This time I used my tiny wee small frying pan bcz a. i had to carry it by bus to the HOUSE OF THE BOPKIDS and b. it is teh cuet.

Cheeses tested previously: i. red leicester; ii. mature cheddar; iii. stilton & shropshire blue; iv. cheshire; v. camembert; vi. jarlsberg; vii. edam; viii. parmesan — w. haloumi getting a bye obv

method: cut into thinnish slices (a quarter of an inch approx), place on hot surface of pan, allow to melt, bubble, fry in own oils and slightly solidify (see previous results); remove and place on paper towels to drain excess oil; offer to INDEPENDENT OBJECT FREAKY TRIGAN PANEL OF TASTE EXPERTS to partake of and discuss



Science vs Tanya Round 74

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Regular readers of I Hate Music will know that I have little truck with science, unless I’m using it to blind Thomas Dolby. Science has consistently let me down: I have lobbied long and hard to prove the harmful effects of listening to music but the so-called ‘scientific establishment’ continue to ignore my pioneering work, claiming that my proposals are somehow “unworkable”. This is nonsense: the experiment which would have proved that beheading Lemar is more enjoyable than listening to him, for instance, is absolutely watertight.