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Are badgers sett in their ways?

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It’s a nice theme for a children’s novel – introducing youngsters to the native wildlife of Britain that they will probably never encounter in person save for a fox rooting through their bins or a messy splat on the motorway hard shoulder. An entire menagerie of ready-made 2D characters to choose from so you can concentrate on a plot and exciting action sequences. No wonder so many authors have jumped on the woodland bandwagon.


Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Week 2

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This week’s edition of Lollardry, as broadcast earlier this afternoon between 12 and 1. Featuring, amongst other things: new math(s), Egyptian deities without portfolio, communist weasels, an official US government response to Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos, and the relationship between low quality indie-dance and high quality snacks.

guess my theory (radio edit)

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