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strawmen in the wind

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strawmen in the wind

“The ass is back, after almost two decades of pop culture focusing on the bust line, this is significant”: Ignoring the um iconic weight this observer places on this trend, is it even (= ie empirically ) true? I have not myself been checking…

Simon Singh’s Lyric Watch

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In which science journalist Simon Singh takes umbrage at the lyrics of Katie Melua’s Nine Million Bicycles and in particular the science contained within.

Me I would be more holistic and say the whole song is rubbidge. And where is her proof to the number of bicycles in Beijing?

Ig Nobles no longer poke fun at scientists

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Article and list of this years Ignoble Prize winners. I always remember this being a slightly churlish mickey take of obscure areas of scientific research. This time they seem to be rather proud of the areas of research. The alarm clock that runs and hides is a great ideas, and the penguin shitting theory is genius.

And we all want to know if you can swim faster in water or sugar syrup.

Glass To Go From Glasgow

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In a story that needs follow up from a Man with Chest Hair in Manchester, Glass is being banned from licensed premises in Glasgow. Its a three stage process, ending in pubs, who may be allowed to us shatterproof, toughened glass. But clubs have got to go very soon. So plastics a go go in Glasgow. That said, the story mentions you cannot take glass containers into the toilet. Who says?

Pride & Prejudice & Plot Twists

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P&P goes BANG when it starts, posho is moving next door and we are in the ball. Whup, there is Mr D’Arcy all sideburned up and glowery. He glowers too much, and Keira Knightly is too giggly early doors but it doesn’t matter because this is JANE AUSTEN and its all about the plot and the pride and the prejudice. Its basically the story of stupid people falling in love, and as the basic template of THEY HATE EACH > THEY LUVS EACH OTHER it has been responsible for more ill in the rom-com world that anything else.

RULE ONE: Donald Sutherland is always bad.
RULE TWO: Whiskers do not do your acting for you.
RULE THREE: Tell Brenda Blethyn she isn’t in a half hour ITV sitcom.

Oh it all works well, and people get rained on, get steamy, ride horses, and spin around on swings so much it makes you dizzy. Like all rom-coms the plot is far too complicated for its own good, and relies of us being sympathetic to people acting stupidly. But hey, Mr D’Arcy lives in the British Museum, you would want any girl to end up with him. Especially if she is going to turn out to be a Bounty Hunter next week.


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quotidian cliche misinforms us — PWEI and GBOA (not to mention NAD) were JABOF and thus NEVER TRUE GREBO. In the interests of the quest for a higher reality, all is now revealed:

Deep Grebo Level 1: It all makes sense when you think about it…
Deep Grebo Level 2: There’s unheimlich and then there’s UNHEIMLICH
Deep Grebo Level 3: “We have such sights to show you!