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May 05

Finally: A reason for Liverpool to win the Champeens League

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Mel C will get a Liver Bird tat on her arse. Finally Steven Gerrard will pull his finger out with an incentive like that.

Oh, and does anyone want to tell UEFA that the Champions League, isn’t, like, a league at all. It’s a cup competition. JSL.

PAGAN BABIES – Elmore Leonard

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You don’t expect an Elmore Leonard book to start in Africa. Perhaps that is the point. The first five chapters of Pagan Babies is set in Rwanda, and is pretty much about the massacres. Admittedly it told me nothing I did not already know about that subject, but then I have read around, work at SOAS and seen the documentaries. For someone expecting the usual wiseguys and knockabout thrills from a Leonard it may well be an education.

S’Alright. You get the knockabout stuff in the rest of the book, though not as tightly plotted as usual. But it is entertaining right until the very end when the characters double crossing each other surprise with actually double crossing each other.

At which point we pop back to remind ourselves that some things are more important. Does this work? Not sure. Like I say, I am well acquainted with the situation in Rwanda (recent readers will no doubt pick up on the Hotel Rwanda references too). Can light pulp accommodate current affairs? It always did, so there is no reason why this can’t even if the global politics seem at odds with the petty thievery. I don’t think you can argue with Leonard for giving it a go, even if his Rwandan scenes do feel a little bit cribbed from textbooks (cockroaches – check, radio incitement of violence – check, banana beer – check). Five chapters of thought provoking nastiness, followed by feel good banter: it isn’t going to change the world. But it is nice that it is trying.


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Spotted in the Head Of Steam last night (pub one of three for me) – a new style of hi-rise charity box. In a wooden frame there were five perspex boxes all labelled with their respective charities. The HoS said they would double any money given, very generous I thought. But also – what fun is this: you can see into the box, offering real time judgement on what charities are the favourite.

The boxes were laid out as follows:


Medecin Sand Frontier was winning by quite a long shot. Greenpeace was surprisingly last in this race. What does this say about Head Of Steam clientelle? Absolutely nothing!

Moments In Hate: Neneh Cherry – “Buffalo Stance”

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Okay, if we can have Moments In Love and/or Martin’s Great Moments then can we have the opposite. Moments in songs that you hate with a passion. You might hate the song completely due to that moment, or, as in this case just get your teeth set on edge my one miscalculated second.

“You K’naat I Mean”

I really liked Buffalo Stance. I like the Bomb The Bass production coming at the time BTB could do not wrong for me. I liked the way Cherry could segue between competent rapping and a really sweet voice. I didn’t even mind the video which was cheaper than those pictures of indie bands they used to have on The Chart Show. But I hate the moment in the breakdown when she tries out a number of comedy voices. I particularly hate the attempt at a Brixton hard girl, which always brings me right out of the song waiting to get punched by a girl gang at the end of the Victoria line.

She doesn’t even convince as a gang-girl, her K’naat I Mean is derivative of Lenny Henry than anyone actually living in South London. And it explains why I always leg it from the dancefloor when the middle eight rocks up in Buffalo Stance.