Okay, if we can have Moments In Love and/or Martin’s Great Moments then can we have the opposite. Moments in songs that you hate with a passion. You might hate the song completely due to that moment, or, as in this case just get your teeth set on edge my one miscalculated second.

“You K’naat I Mean”

I really liked Buffalo Stance. I like the Bomb The Bass production coming at the time BTB could do not wrong for me. I liked the way Cherry could segue between competent rapping and a really sweet voice. I didn’t even mind the video which was cheaper than those pictures of indie bands they used to have on The Chart Show. But I hate the moment in the breakdown when she tries out a number of comedy voices. I particularly hate the attempt at a Brixton hard girl, which always brings me right out of the song waiting to get punched by a girl gang at the end of the Victoria line.

She doesn’t even convince as a gang-girl, her K’naat I Mean is derivative of Lenny Henry than anyone actually living in South London. And it explains why I always leg it from the dancefloor when the middle eight rocks up in Buffalo Stance.