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Eeny meenie miney mo, which way you wanna go?
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This really is the last NYLPM post.
If you’ve enjoyed NYLPM, you might also enjoy:
– the NYLPM archives, which will be staying up.
– the rest of Freaky Trigger, which will sail on unaffected, though with fewer overall hits most like[…]

I wanna dedicate it, everybody made it
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This is the last NYLPM post*.
After five and a half years, 3,500 posts and something like forty contributors I’m pulling the plug on this blog. Once upon a time it was the best music blog in the world, more recently it was just something nice t[…]

THE FT TOP 13 ENDINGS: 7: It Was a Christmas Miracle
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This line was actually said at the end of an Xmo-special ep of the Wonder Years and it has served me well ever since. It can be used in voice over on ANY xmo-special. Add your own. As many times as you like. It’s always appropriate.
Number of t[…]

Bad Tony Benn
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We knew he shut down Radio Caroline but well will history judge him now we know he was key to stopping nationalisation of the breweries in the 1970s? Bloody left methodist fun hating tradition bah humbug.[…]

Christmas Shepherd’s Pie
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aka What I Made For The In-Laws On Christmas Eve
1. Boil and mash some potatoes.
2. Brown some beef mince. Add a little cooking wine and some beef bouillon to make it juicier. I’d meant to do some onion with this but I forgot it.
3. Add raisins[…]

Big Mouth & Ugly Girl by Joyce Carol Oates
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There’s never been another writer anything like Oates, and although she is clearly immensely admired and respected, I don’t think she is as treasured as she should be. She is – no contest – the most prolific serious literary w[…]

A Top Ten
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Oddly enough I’m feeling happier about music, and writing about music, than I have for a couple of years. 2006 is going to be a treat: I want to get there quickly, not look back.
So I got a machine to look back for me. I was a late iPod adopter[…]

ghost squad update
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in last night’s ep there wz just the most ulp-OMG-how-tha-FVCK moment of acting i remember in a copshow EVER: the lead villain-cop’s malleable g/f — who wz some sort of rape-counsellor/community-liaison blah blah — had bin cau[…]

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Whatever happened to Uncle?: fine article from the Economist on the neglected children’s classic beloved of some Freaky Trigger writers. I think they’re basically right about the books and why they don’t sell – Uncle is a very[…]

THE FT TOP 13 ENDINGS: 8: The Ending of TV Serials You Never Saw
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There was a time when if you missed a telly show, you really MISSED that show. Even when domestic video recorders came along in the late 70s this didn’t really change things that often. If you’d missed something there was never a way to f[…]


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