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Mar 03

Update on inactivity and request for assistance

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As should be fairly obvious from the lack of Freaky Trigger activity recently, I’m finding it harder and harder to keep my editorial head above water – so pieces are running late, themes are dying off, projects getting delayed or abandoned… it’s a bit of a sorry state of affairs and means my feelings of pride in my website are all mixed up with guilt and annoyance. I’ve seen Freaky Trigger as a project with an ending since its inception – and in fact I’ve got a good idea or three as to what I’d enjoy doing instead – but I don’t feel finished with it yet and I’d like it to go out in a bustle of activity, not just peter out slowly.

I’m prepared to sort myself out and get on with things, but what I’d really like – and why I’m posting this – is somebody to help with the editorial load. A co-editor, basically. This would involve doing the sort of things I do – editing pieces, writing bits here and there, putting articles up, a bit of HTML coding, soliciting work from writers we like. I’d prefer it to be somebody I see or could see offline fairly regularly. You would make no money from it, though you wouldn’t be spending any either. And that’s about it. I know it’s a big thing to be asking, and if I don’t get any replies I won’t be too unhappy, but if you like Freaky Trigger and think it sounds like your cup of tea, please drop me a line. Cheers!

They wouldn’t let me buy the Busted album on Friday.

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They wouldn’t let me buy the Busted album on Friday. Who are they? The people who worked in J Sainsbury’s Express in Crouch End. Why? Well they gave be some nonsense about not having the key to the CD drawer. But actually they were making some sort of aesthetic judgement about what I as a 29 year old man should be buying and listening to at a frankly unacceptible level on a Friday night in my own flat.

I only wanted to hear exactly what the ‘Sted had to say about Britney Spears.

Pubs as the only restaurant in town in suburban satelite “villages”

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Pubs as the only restaurant in town in suburban satelite “villages”. My sister live is a dormitory town – that’s the only way to describe it. A development (you would never call it an estate) of new developments out in leafy Hertfordshire. The type of place you need a car to even think about shopping. Often bolted on near some existing village, it soon swallowed that village. And its pub. Which soon worked out exactly what the 25-35 baby and two car mob needed. And that was not a pub.

Sure The Prince Of Wales in Goff’s Oak is to all intents and purposes a pub. McMullen’s ales are on tap (this is Hertfordshire after all) and it even has a swinging sign and the right font. But what it doesn’t have have is locals. It has people who pop in for Sunday lunch, people who pop in for dinner. It has a restaurant crowd. The food there by the way is pretty good, but with all the coming and going – the half and half table service and the kids in there for grannies seventieth, its all a bit bustly. And on a SUnday afternoon, all the tables are pre-reserved for food. We sat down and got turfed around until we found the one table that did not have a reserved sign on it. And that had fallen on the floor.

In the end the Prince Of Wales resembles a village pub as much as the development resembles a village. Which isn’t much at all.