As should be fairly obvious from the lack of Freaky Trigger activity recently, I’m finding it harder and harder to keep my editorial head above water – so pieces are running late, themes are dying off, projects getting delayed or abandoned… it’s a bit of a sorry state of affairs and means my feelings of pride in my website are all mixed up with guilt and annoyance. I’ve seen Freaky Trigger as a project with an ending since its inception – and in fact I’ve got a good idea or three as to what I’d enjoy doing instead – but I don’t feel finished with it yet and I’d like it to go out in a bustle of activity, not just peter out slowly.

I’m prepared to sort myself out and get on with things, but what I’d really like – and why I’m posting this – is somebody to help with the editorial load. A co-editor, basically. This would involve doing the sort of things I do – editing pieces, writing bits here and there, putting articles up, a bit of HTML coding, soliciting work from writers we like. I’d prefer it to be somebody I see or could see offline fairly regularly. You would make no money from it, though you wouldn’t be spending any either. And that’s about it. I know it’s a big thing to be asking, and if I don’t get any replies I won’t be too unhappy, but if you like Freaky Trigger and think it sounds like your cup of tea, please drop me a line. Cheers!