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What’s A Girl Like Me Doing At A Rink Like This?
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What’s A Girl Like Me Doing At A Rink Like This? asks new FT writer Stripey in a look at the everyday life of the roller-rink. Meanwhile Ned suffers a crisis of faith in pop, and Playgroup are an inspiration to me.[…]

And you thought ILX was having problems
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And you thought ILX was having problems…[…]

Hahaha! Fabrizio turns out to be a member of The Strokes!
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Hahaha! Fabrizio turns out to be a member of the Strokes! I don’t know why that amuses me so much, probably because I’m now in the mood for pasta. He’s second coolest. DUDE! NME readers minus minus!
Here is my TOP TEN COOL PEOPLE li[…]

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With Spizzazz on half-term break here’s Pop-Eye, back with its slippered-feet up in the Dad Chair and a mug of hot cocoa by its side as we grumble over the top forty. Is it a boy or a girl? Well at No.1 it’s both of course – Nelly &[…]

Jack from the White Stripes
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Jack from the White Stripes!!! Cooler than Fabrizio Morretti!!!

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Consider, if you will, the plight of being Britain’s premiere Destiny’s Child cover band and their trial in love. On “All I Want”, they tell quite clearly that “all I want, is to be with you“. Which is fine and dan[…]

Wish I’d Thought Of This
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Wish I’d Thought Of This: The UK’s Top 10 albums reviewed by sleeve art![…]

Foster Sylvers – “Misdemeanor”
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So musically this comes over like a ’99 era Irv Gotti/Ja Rule track (you know, when they were good): stop-start rhythm, lotsa chimes, pizzicato xylophone(?). Only the dippy-dippy-do funk bass maroons it in the 70s. It’s fucking great. […]

JONI – “Learned Ways”
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JONI – “Learned Ways” (via Gabba.Net)
A just-the-facts description: this is U2’s “New Year’s Day” using nothing but early-80s synths and vox treatments, and set to a dry but regular beat. The FX are laid on s[…]

power, music, electric revival
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power, music, electric revival – music weblog walking a by-now happily familiar beat i.e. Liberty X one post, Smiths the next, but not updated since October 9th which is a shame.[…]


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