Hahaha! Fabrizio turns out to be a member of the Strokes! I don’t know why that amuses me so much, probably because I’m now in the mood for pasta. He’s second coolest. DUDE! NME readers minus minus!

Here is my TOP TEN COOL PEOPLE list (Tom is not the only person who can do Top Tens).

1. Any demon from Buffy who tries to kill TinyShinyMcWhiny ie DAWN (ok the Breeders covering the Buffy theme)
2. Andrew WK!
3. Whoever did the theme tune to Cagney and Lacey
4. Mike Skinner (ok ok NME readers can have some sense – Streets Scene = HEARTBREAK marry me O Mike)
5. British Sea Power (ooh yes I must remember they are playing… argh!! TONIGHT! Sorry British Sea Power but I am too broke, sigh, how about you send me a free cd instead?)
6. SCOOTER (hyper! hyper!)
7. Kate Bush in the Hammer Horror video
9. Whoever did the theme to SKI SUNDAY
10. Andrew WK again.

You think that was stupid? It’s not as bad as YET ANOTHER NEW ORDER BOX SET!!! But with remixes! And live tracks! Nyaaarrrg.