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Jun 01

The plot thickens…

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The plot thickens…The Observer carried a report that says that the proposed change has been pushed down the agenda since each department usually has one bill each session and as a result, there isn’t time in the next year for the much vaunted changes to be introduced. I mean, who are these people who think legislation regulating cross-media ownership is more important…tsk. Metropolitan trendies no doubt.

Further damning Parliamentary news reaches me, with smoking about to be banned in the bars of Westminster and the B & H manufactured ‘House of Commons King Size’ to be abandoned. Is nothing sacred? I am alone in thinking that Mr Tony Blair is a Muslim? It wasn’t like this when I ran Private Eye, I can tell you.

The best music article Salon has published in ages

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The best music article Salon has published in ages, even if (like me), you’re not a big two-step listener. Because its central idea – that critics and musicians simply do not take commercial music seriously enough (either as finished product or, more crucially, as a source for ideas) – is so crucial to what we’ve been talking about all this time. Battaglio suggests this is endemic to America, but sad to say it’s a prevalent attitude in the UK too.

Unfortunately though I agree with everything Battaglio’s saying, I’m personally sick to death of repeating it. Time to move the debate on – but how? (via Bleeding Ears)