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JORIO – “Prayer”
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I now understand exactly what all of the people who’ve been bemoaning lowest common denominator trance music have been complaining about. Despite the “hook” of being a trance reinterpretation of an operatic aria, absolutely nothing […]

Went to see my old MP
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Went to see my old MP at the House of Commons last night, and am pleased to report that the Mother of Parliaments uses the Mother of all Hand Dryers.
Strangers Bar (which is where the plebs are allowed) is a great bar, mainly because you aren’[…]

V/VM – “Take My Beef Away”
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Everyone’s written a love song ‘ silly, serious, heart-felt, ironic, and all the various permutations throbbing and convulsing therein. Often, the best ones try to reconcile these conflicting traits ‘ for instance, Elvis Costello&#[…]

No Kidding: Radiohead – Amnesiac
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1. It’s June 8 2001 and I’ve a few hours to kill in London, so I walk. It’s a sunny day: most people look bored and in a hurry. Every now and then I stop and pick up one of the daily papers, which are all full of election talk. Arit[…]

Train comes; I don’t know its destination…
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I hereby declare June 26, 2001 Sugababes Day. Their debut record (One Touch) was released in the US. Their song “Overload” (a blissfully atypical pre-fab pop track, which means it’s damn good – never mind Tom’s grousin[…]

Aint No Party Like A Sussed Club Party
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Aint No Party Like A Sussed Club Party: like plucky kids in a Children’s Film Foundation epic, last Thursday saw DJs Cabbage, Carsmile and Cockfarmer take to the half-working decks in a flooded nightclub and entertain hordes of partygoers in tr[…]

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You know, being the most respected rock’n’roll band that ever existed must have been a difficult gig. Not only were they constantly tortured by the self knowledge that they were actually crap, but the Beatles also had to suffer from their[…]

Charlotte Raven today:
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Charlotte Raven today: “[The British are] committed to making stuff happen in the short time they’ve got. We’ve got a genius for compression. That’s why we’re so good at pop songs.” Hmmm.[…]

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adapted for the stage, a play in one act.
dramatis personae:
me – me.
her – her.
suburban bedroom(s), 1969.
[a telephone rings. a telephone is answered.]
her: “hello?”
me: […]

Tiny Mix Tapes Gone to Heaven
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Tiny Mix Tapes Gone to Heaven: is a music weblog. May be too indie for some of you, but good luck to it – the more the merrier![…]


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