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THE POP GROUP – 3’37” (B-Side Of She Is Beyond Good And Evil 7″)
The thing about The Pop Group is that – get this! – they weren’t a pop group. The thing about “3’37″” (best currently f[…]

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SAINT ETIENNE – “Wilson” (from the Foxbase Alpha CD)
I was under express instructions not to mention this in my main article, which is a shame, because in a way “Wilson”‘s the most English (and best!) thing on the […]

Britpop In Oz
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Britpop In Oz: also new on Freaky Trigger is Tim Finney’s penetrating article on the Australian anglophiliac ‘scene’.[…]

A very late Happy Birthday to my friend Kate…
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A very late Happy Birthday to my friend Kate, who requested I write about Foxbase Alpha as part of the Freaky Trigger Birthday Article Scheme.[…]

The josh blog is really, really good at the moment
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The josh blog is really, really good at the moment, and I suspect this is precisely because he’s got revision he should be doing instead. I may not like the songs I’ve heard by them very much, but from the quoted interview the Dismemberme[…]

underpop e-zine
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underpop e-zine – which stands I’m presuming for underground pop, and indeed most of this stuff is underground enough that I can’t vouch for it’s popness or otherwise. Still they’ve got a big singles column and for that,[…]

surface vs depth
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surface vs depth has a new address (which I’d link to properly if I wasn’t a lazy bastard who never updated his links page) and new reviews, which nail Bowery Electric good and proper. And a couple of links which I’ll follow and blo[…]

Simon Reynolds’ The Nineties – The Best and the Worst
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Simon Reynolds’ The Nineties–The Best and the Worst is, of course, essential reading. Dare ya to disagree! (Well, alright, a bit of explanation as to why Autechre are overrated wouldn’t go amiss – not because I don’t thi[…]


PROPER LONDON: Saint Etienne – “Foxbase Alpha”
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April 2000, Piccadilly

The sun comes out over London and the Summer starts: everywhere you look you see people in love, snogging on the tubes and holding hands on the escalators so you can’t get past them. Baggy shorts and halter tops all ov[…]

Phew! – Britney Still ‘Intact’
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Phew! – Britney Still ‘Intact’: Phew! indeed. Still, I was at her age, not admittedly due to my hem-hem strong Christian values but more likely due to the fact that I had bad skin and liked The Fall too much.[…]


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