Why, Claudius? – Hail Who?
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No flash-forward this week: instead, we see Clavdivs reading a letter in a modestly furnished room. Calpurnia, his flatmate and friend, wants him to read it aloud since epistles from Herod are always amusing. The letter is packed with concern-trollin[…]

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Why, Claudius? – Zeus, By Jove!
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Now, where were we? Ah yes – Rome was awash with purged blood and uncomfortable alliances. In this week’s opening flash-forward, Old Clavdivs is fiddling, with ink-stained fingers, the jade talisman that failed to keep Germanicus safe. Like P[…]


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“Dakota” has a curious reputation. A lot of music fans I know see it as Stereophonics’ best song. That in itself is hardly unusual. But many of those people also see it as the band’s only good song. Which is odder – these guys have eigh[…]

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  1. The prose in Sorcerer Of The Wildeeps uniquely blends high fantasy with Delany-esque afrofuturism. The focus on Demane's complex relationships,…

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