i. shepherd’s/cottage pie
ii. cheese flan/pizza
iii. scotch egg
iv. boiled egg

actually i am not going to bother you w.all the ins and outs of the GREBT PIE DEBATE, as i wz not in on its inception, and besides the militia are now formed and a stiff crackdown ordered on heretics and dissidents. Hunting last night for back-up for solid new outlier positions – i naturally supported iv. but did not come up with any of these – i discovered that the linguistic origins of the word “pie” are entirely uncertain: best guess, apparently, being that

bcz in the middle ages it meant “a mix of ingredients encased in pastry”, the word “mix” implied a poetic link with the eclectic collecting habits of the magpie*, then always known as the pie!!

*(the “pie” became the “magpie“** by way of being the “maggot pie” for some time, though if maggot wz merely a single ingredient presumably in medieval times it shd actually have been “maggot pastry”?!)
**(one reason i stuck with this excellent online etymology once i’d found it is of course that it is puzzlingly littered with the sudden acronym “PIE” = unpuzzlingly “Proto-Indo-European” once you go and look***)
***”pie” for magpie maybe derives from latin pica, masculine of picus for woodpecker, suggestive of indiscriminate appetite —> = by etymology a pie means WHATEVER YOU WANT TO TAKE AWAY AND EAT (or HOARD))
*militia arrives*

[OVEREXCITED UPDATE: “pastry” = “food made with paste“!! plus this whole link ate has all the possible pies evah! “chiffon” pie derives (possibly) via fr.”chiffe” from eng.”chip”!!]