ok this one (and it’s NOT THAT OLD) reads:
• read ziz — [what? which bit? ALL OF HIM!?]
• = suss’n of BNs — [actually translated by pure chance — see below]
• zizek/banksy — [yes? and?]
• g04 — [are these like separate articles i’m reminding myself to write or is there some logical route implied?]
• stockholm — [monsters? syndrome? possible holiday?]
csi: interzone — [see THIS i recall! it was a stand-alone rfn idea anent the war in lebanon and the privileging of internet forensic in ref photographs over reported accounts from witnesses: the “EVIDENCE CANNOT LIE”, as grissom sez, suggests the VICTIMS ALWAYS DO]
• age of heroes — [this is most likely shorthand for my favourite adorno aphorism: “horses are the survivors of the age of heroes”, epigraph to “in search of wagner” — i’m certain i had no plan to write a stand-alone piece on THIS, so that makes the list stages in an argument… but WHAT?]

• paris vs alger — [horatio alger? alger hiss?]
to be fair (to who? YOU? ahahaha) this is separated on the page so issume not part of this er “idea”

translation (FSVO): on another bit of paper, i find the following: “sussuration of betes noires — BANKSY, a GEEZER, a little bit whoo, a bit wahey” — AHA er