When I go to Berlin to perform

I only need a knapsack and these (points to arms)

And these (points to legs)

You don’t know me, or the possible effects of my words

You owe me fifty pounds

I have a passion I feel is degenerated by

Unwittingly being a part

Of your practise which is characterised by

“Independence and eclecticism” at least according to

The literature provided for visitors, or my customers.

Or are you my customer, or they yours?

I told David Steans I didn’t really like the work

Al Held said “All conceptual art

Is pointing at things” and Baldessari responded


You do nothing if not point at things

But I missed my chance to point back

I probably don’t think your performative

Lecture Loose Associations

Is so hot

And News From Nowhere is a difficult book

So I read with a slouch

And talk to strangers about my big

And little political

Things. Which is interesting in

And of itself, after all

Utopian Modernism and Socialism

Are big political things.