A post inspired by the sometimes unfortunate drinking ratio between good friends. I drink pretty slowly, truth be told. Other friends of mine are much faster. These ratios unfortunately, over the course of a short period of time, rarely break down into anything that can happily be services by the pint/half pint dichotomy served in the UK pub.

Thus: stealing the Brazil By Kilo idea: BEER BY KILO. Or litre, if that is easier to measure. This is currently illegal in the UK, you must buy your drinks in properly measured pints or divisions of half or a third of a pint. No-one however actually sells a third of a pint, which is somewhat annoying. BEER BY KILO would, if legalised, remove this problem by allowing us to order what we like and then pay by volume. Maybe even getting cashback at the end of the evening for that somewhat ambitious last orders pint.

This is not a completely new idea. Strada do this with their house wines, measuring the amount left in the bottle and knocking that off the bill. One assumes said wine goes back in the bucket, nicely oxidized. This itself is strictly against licensing regs (wine must be served in multiples of 175 or 250ml), but I am sure this has not been tested in a court since the consumer benefits (and the restaurant does not lose anything). So when will be see BEER BY KILO?