Scott Shaw’s Oddball Comics is an entertaining read once a week, where all he does is uncover a really stupid comic from the past and retell it. There is very little side, or snide, but then there does not need to be. Take this weeks entry Spider-Man vs The Prodigy: a public information comic to inform kids about the danger of early pregnancies.

Yep, that’s right. 15-year-old girls are mainly reading and getting their advice from a bloke that shoots sticky spunk from his wrists.

The plot of said comic is a delight. The Prodigy, the bad guy, has the plan to get lots of young Americans pregnant so they can steal the babies for slave labour. Er, just steal the teens instead? Still the Prodigy is a tricky villain with a vacumn cleaner like voice: well I’ll let the comic tell you itself.

Note: The Prodigy’s voice took on its special magnetic powers when the rocket ship coming from his native planet, Intellectia, in the Andromeda galaxy, passed through the Earth’s ionosphere. Because of weak deflector shields, his vocal chords were exposed to intense heat and radiation. On Earth, his voice draws people to him like a vacuum cleaner.

Almost good as the Spider-man toilet roll mentioned at the bottom of the article…