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Crisis On Infinite Earth was the big crossover event. It was the first big companywide one, over at DC-Comics and was in itself relatively nonsensical and remarkably complex. The excuse was a celebration and to try and streamline an apparently contradictory universe where lots of different versions of Superman were running around. It only partially succeeded in what many people think was a rubbish idea in the first place. But it was, as this poster suggests, a pretty novel way of getting absolutely every comic character in one mini-series.

Well, Crisis never dies. And I am not talking about the over hyped and reliably rubbish (in tone and content if not in execution) Identity Crisis. There is talk of Crisis 2 coming in DC comics, but if that is not enough, the original Crisis is coming back. As a novel.

This seems like a stupendously bad idea. Not only was the plot of crisis catastrophically poor, but certainly by the time you got to issue three the only reason you were still reading it was to see George Perez continue with his pointlessly detailed drawings of hundreds of superheroes on (dying) one page. The literary equivalent of this is a really, really long list. And any really, really long list that contains seven different versions of Superman has got to be pretty dull.