i am already quite enjoyin the fact that my decision to MAKE resolutions is annoying my officemates, who were all OH NO ONE EVER KEEPS THEM today, like a phalanx of female petes: it’s easier to abide by them, or indeed remember what they actually are, when someone is being (a bit) put out by yr doin so!!

the last serious diet i underwent came just before a (not very major but my first ever) operation (only ever fingers x-ed), when i lost two stone in ten weeks (i think that’s right: it seems a bit fast readin it cold now but it WAS a lot weightwise)… i’m not planning to match that (nor do i need to), but i am quite looking forward to the “experiment w.bodily self” aspect of this, though i’m not sure if doin it “in public” (ie here) will make it harder or easier

a. i am rubbish at weighin myself accurately, so don’t expect that to figure except vaguely (i wz actually weighed at my yearly asthma check-up last week- not only fully clothed but w.my doc marts on: the nurse said “oh i’ll estimate that”)
b. in the interests of science and the humanities, i intend to incorporate part 2 of the publog “fried cheese” project in this, in honour of a =repeated ep of the simpsons i just saw two days ago
c. the diet is the “south beach” diet, which is a less dicey version of atkins (acc.the interweb) (=proven by science as *i* know and use it)
d. the pretext is primarily asthma, btw, and resultant sleeplessness – so this is what i will judge success by, possibly