PCGMWatch: October

A DUP councillor in Northern Ireland who subjected a colleague to a campaign of homophobic abuse and got successfully prosecuted for it. “On one occasion Templeton bent over in front of [victim], patted his backside and said, “Here you are, John”….earlier this year Templeton described his conviction as “political correctness gone mad” during an interview with the Belfast Telegraph.”

Filtering software on schools computers filters out the word ‘dick’, thus preventing pantomime promotion = story here. The Anglia Television presenter said “it’s political correctness gone mad”.

Rejection of Buttiglioni EC nomination for his homophobic views – Times of Malta weighs in“At best it looks like political correctness gone mad”

Yorkshire Post has strong views on “yet more health and safety nonsense” – fire inspectors are “first-class graduates from the school of political correctness gone mad”