Channel 4: Not Rubbish

04:35 Honda F4-Stroke Powerboat Race Series

Navigational errors cause race upsets in the penultimate rounds of the 2004 Honda Formula 4-Stroke 150hp championship at the Honda British Grand Prix in Plymouth.

Perhaps I should explain. It’s now been a solid six weeks since I last properly watched telly, and what with impending essay deadlines and so on it seemed only right that I started to look through the TV listings to wonder upon what I might be missing, hence that little beauty above. Channel 4 has also been running the Hall Of Fame thing, which it is probably better that I avoided since I don’t need another reason to want to punch people in the face. How very nice of them to have finally banished that horrendous myth that music in the 1980’s might have involved synthesisers or homosexuals.

On BBC2, we notice that HeadJam has now become Vernon Kay’s HeadJam, Balamory’s somehow lost ten minutes, The Smoking Room’s transferred itself across, I am actually quite annoyed that I’ve not seen “Who Do You Think You Are?”, and just generally pissed off that the BBC doesn’t have highlights on its site like what say Comedy Centraldoes, as I spent most of the night before watching clips of the Daily Show and wishing it could be on over here. Instead:

9:00 pm Dead Ringers
American Election Special: Impressionists Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens and Kevin Connelly tackle the US elections, with their versions of John Kerry, Michael Moore, and rap MC George W Bush.

Essay it is, then.