Comics On The Radio. Unfortunately this new spree of BBC led comics on the radio (?) are not by pioneer Dirk Maggs, who did some odd comic adaptations on Radio One in the mid-nineties (in surround sound natch). Maggs’s version of The Death Of Superman and Knightfall were bold attempts at taking seriealised fiction on to radio, though were often introduced in a somewhat embarressed way by Mark Goodier who was not sure what to do with them (or if anyone cared). Instead, the BBC has a British comics web-bit where you can listen to Simon Pegg as Johnny Alpha aka Strontium Dog. And some bloke being Judge Dredd: one assumes he kept the helmet on whilst recording it.

(Turns out Maggs is the bloke who is making the radio adaptation of the final three Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy books, and if you want to read an interview with him, you can here.)