So it comes down to this. The final day of the competition, and I have nine minutes to beat. Should not be too hard eh?

BOXING. Uh-oh. The boxing causes me a slight problem. I do not particualrly want to watch it, but my Dad likes boxing, I am in the room and part of me wants to watch to see if my parents will be supporting Amir Khan properly or just giving lip service because it is on the BBC. My Dad was an amateur boxer as a youth and makes his usual mutterings on headgear. I check my watch, two rounds gone – will I make it. The headgear makes a knockout or premature ending unlikely too. Halfway through the third round I hit on a beezer idea however to make sure I break that one minute barrier.

I go to the toilet.

This means I made it. Fifty Nine Minutes and a bit. Cos we are not counting the closing ceremony are we? Are we?