turner prize nomination:

Just 36 words long – good necromantic number that (not inc.three for title) – the Independent’s no-pix cover for its 15 July issue was the best, sparest, most forceful use of a newspaper front page i can remember in almost four decades reading, or anyway three as writer, sub, production editor and whatever. I don’t even think you have to be on-board w.their politix (or be a fan from day-to-day: i don’t really like newspapers at all any more and the indie has routinely failed to repersuade me). anyway, could they have said more w.less? (and YAY! to no pix obv)

The Butler report
The intelligence: flawed
The dossier: dodgy
The 45-minute claim: wrong
Dr Brian Jones: vindicated
Iraq’s link to al-Qa’ida: unproven
The public: misled
The case for war: exaggerated
And who was to blame? No one

The Brown Wedge