We’ll be putting the totaliser on the front page during the week. Meanwhile the good news is that we’ve raised our first £30 already, with a staff member selling an unwanted Belle And Sebastian ticket to an anonymous benefactor. The Indie Amnesty gets underway with this:
…and we have another! fundraising bonanza starting: SONGS FOR SALE. Basically, our Club Freaky Trigger requests policy can be a bit shambolic. But the idea with this is that if you’re coming to the club, you email us with a request and pledge a quid per song – if and when we play it, you hand the money to Steve. The address is clubftrequests@gmail.com (and come to think of it if it’s something obscure you could even SEND US THE SONG! Wow, technology.)
I know what you’re thinking – “Free jazz time!!”- but we’re reserving the right not to play something we don’t think fits the mood of the evening. We will make sure all DJs have a list of the requests available though.
So get requesting! (We’ve already had our first pledge, assuming Matt didn’t think better of it in the sober light of morning…)