The nations favourite fairy tale. The results may be skewed by the source of the survey, UCI cinema’s. Though note of the top five, two have not been made into Disney films. But why does Cinderella romp in at the top spot?

Cinderella, told properly, is a gift to the storyteller. Firstly it is stuffed with grotesques. You have the Ugly Sisters (and let us make sure that ugly=evil here, a graspable concept for a four year old), plus the wicked stepmother. You have the identification figure, Cinders, being unfairly punished. All kids feel that every now and then. The promise of salvation out of the blue with the Fairy Godmother, and the discovery of Cinderella’s true nature. There is even, for avid watchers of Teletubbies, the “again again” factor of not one, not two but three costumed balls.

Of cours eno-one dies in it too, which makes it much more suitable for our over protective day and age. Perhaps the high placing of Little Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel are heartening. Gruesome, unpleasant and without a film, they are stilling winning over the kids. The bedtime story may not be dead yet.