The much derided British national drugs site is actually pretty good. There are a couple of “uncool” howlers on the front page (the Going Down section perhaps) but it does manage to convince you of its message that it is just interested in providing information. I am writing a drugs handbook for students at the moment, and the balance between DON’T DO IT, ITS ILLEGAL (and I will go to prison) and HEY FANCY A BLUNT is nigh on impossible to judge. Cribbing off of Frank has made my life a lot easier.

The best bit is the A-Z of drugs which happily lists every single slang word for a particular drug they can think of. This being drugs slang of course it is absolutely impossible to be comprehensive. So this is your challenge Proven By Science:

The only letter the Frank Site cannot think of a drug begining with is U. Can you think of one?