New Reading: hurrah hurrah, book #2 about Byron being a vampire done and dusted. Grebt stuff, must find more. Perhaps I mite even read some Byron – so far I’ve gathered he was Pale and Interesting and made Lady C. Lamb go MENKO and dress up as a mang. The Vampyre by POLIDORI is far grebter than same-titled book by T. Holland, mostly as Polidori’s BITTER OLD GIT shtick makes for such deliciously bitchy writing which FOOLS NO-ONE matey. If he was about these days sod The Lancet, he’d be writing for HEAT magazine. Recommended!

Fabulously, The Vampyre comes as part of a collection of STORIES of the macabre. Expecting ghosties and goblings a plenty. Tomorrow I shall come to “Sir Guy Eveling’s Dream” by Horace Smith. Ods Pitikins!