Playground Songs: Poetry is of course an essential part of the Brown Wedge and you don’t get much more poetic than this:

Daisy Daisy
Give me your tits to chew
I’m half crazy
My bollocks are turning blue
I can’t afford a johnny
A plastic bag will do
But you’ll look sweet between the sheets
With me on top of you

Which occupied us in the pub for a good half hour last night. This, its variants, and many other songs are categorised with Opie-esque attentiveness on this site, sadly not updated for a couple of years. The songs range from the delighted innocence of “Pull down your pants and paralyse the ants” to the above full-on filth and worse. The bits I found funniest were the rips on various unlikely pop songs of the era (mostly 60s/70s); I had no idea that Bowie’s arty electro-classic “Sound And Vision” was playgroundised to run “Blue blue electric blue / That’s the colour of my poo” and it makes me like the song a lot more. A Langley Schools style compilation of kids singing these dirty versions seems to me an essential.