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Pop World Cup 2010: Group A – France 1 South Africa 1
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Real Actual Crunch Time here, in the first real decider of the tournament. South Africa only need a point to be sure of qualification but France are in a mathematical nightmare. They could win and still go out, or lose and go through, depending on wh[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group A – Mexico 2 Uruguay 2
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Here we go then, this is where it all gets hectic, and the calculators come out to decide who goes through to the round of 16 and who gets sent home. We’ll be doing TWO matches per day, so that, as in the football based world cup, the groups f[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group A – France 4 Mexico 2
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Well this is going to be a titanic struggle, if either France or Mexico lose this one they’re on the first flight to face the brickbats (and possibly bricks) of the fans back home. Tom and Alex will both be hoping it’s not their head the […]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group A – South Africa 3 – Uruguay 1
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Hello there, due to Tom’s ridiculously busy life and burgeoning media profile (you’ve all read Shiny Shiny, right?), Tim and I will be taking over putting the PWC tracks up for the next few weeks.
We start the second round of matches with[…]

POP WORLD CUP 2010: Group A – Uruguay 3 France 2
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The second match in Group A sees Uruguay, managed by Jim D, take on France, where Alex Macpherson is in the hotseat. Uruguay are a lesser-known quantity in pop terms: France, however, reached the final of Europop 2008 and much is expected of them her[…]

Pop World Cup 2010: Group A – South Africa 2 Mexico 1
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Hello, and welcome to the Pop World Cup 2010! 64 matches showcasing pop – in its very broadest sense – from 32 nations. There can be only one winner, and that is YOU, the pop fan.
If you want a brief explanation as to what the PWC is go […]

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