Well this is going to be a titanic struggle, if either France or Mexico lose this one they’re on the first flight to face the brickbats (and possibly bricks) of the fans back home. Tom and Alex will both be hoping it’s not their head the press are calling for…

Voting for this match ends at midnight on 15 March.

FRANCE:  Françoiz Breut – “Si Tu Disais” The Manager Says: “One of those songs that feels on first listen as though it’s always existed somewhere, such is the ease with which Françoiz Breut – original stage name Françoiz Brrr – taps into a familiar strain of pensive, elegantly (re)strained melancholy. Taken from her (thoroughly excellent) 2000 sophomore album Vingt à trente mille jours.”

MEXICO:  Los Dug Dug’s – “Smog” The Manager Says:  “In our first game we were very much playing to the crowd back home, and failed to ingratiate ourselves with the global audience that had tuned in for the opening salvo of the tournament. Now, with a pressing need to get points on the board, the changes have been rung, the big name players have been dropped, and a group of veterans from the Mexican league with little international experience have been called up. In spite of this, they play a forceful, compelling game, recognised the world over, and the management are confident that they won’t be over-awed by the occasion.”

Group A Match 4: Which song did you prefer? [ballot]

  • France: Françoiz Breut 67%
  • Mexico: Les Dug Dug's 33%

Total Voters: 60

Poll closes: 15 Mar 2010 @ 23:58

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Commentary Box Analysis: “Beguiling chamber pop from the French here, but will it have the skills to get past the muscle and the FLUTE of this pacy Mexico attack? This is the first real decider in PWC10, who will take it?”

Result! Brazil 0 North Korea 4 It’s like Ayresome Park against the Italians all over again Brian, but should we really be that surprised? Lord High Everything Else Mullah Resmat knows how to pick teams to impress the crowd. North Korea is going to go far in the tournament on this form. It’s just like watching Brazil! Except rubbish. Their performance is ridiculously good. They talked the talk, and they’re walking the walk. Acrobatic gracefulness and fluidity that is more than a match for the Brazilians’ somewhat oafish up-the-center tactics.

Coming up: Group B is tighter than a tight pudding, what will Argentina and South Korea have to lift them above the rest of the teams? I hand you over to my co-anchor (i said anchor) TimH…