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Glastonbury Review 2003
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Tom Ewing’s Bit
Almost everybody else I was with hated the Rapture. I loved them. I know the songs on the much-leaked album quite well, but that wasn’t why. The thing was, by Sunday afternoon I was sick of Glastonbury, I just […]

John Otway At Glastonbury – Beyond The Fringe
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John Otway plays every year at Glastonbury in the Cabaret tent, but no one ever goes to see him. He had a novelty hit single called ‘Cor Baby That’s Really Free’ in the late ’70s and has reputedly been living off that in a rat[…]

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Highlights and Lowlights, by Freaky Trigger writers
THR33 L10N5
Everyone has a personal moment at Glastonbury. A moment that is their own. In the past for me it has been hearing Blur play “This Is A Low” as the sun goes down, or […]


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