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Europop 2008: The Semi Finals
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A place in the final awaits the winners of each match: Switzerland and Portugal previously drew, and France thumped Italy in their group match, but form counts for nothing now: ONLY THE WILL TO WIN (and a good track). Listen to the tracks, vote in th[…]

Europop 2008: Group A – Turkey 1 Portugal 2
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The second group A match, between a confident Turkish side and the rudderless Portugese. Can Portugal get it together on the field? Listen for yourself to the MP3s, then look below the cut for managerial comment, analysis and voting details.


Europop 2008: I Should Coco
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If you are the commenter known as COCO, who asked to play in Europop 2008 and was given PORTUGAL, can you send your email to ASAP confirming you still want to join in – we need a track for your opening game next week.

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