I imagine there were some TMFD-ers at the Greys – Exeter game last night, to whom I extend my comiserations. However, as I caught the first ten minutes on TV in a pub, I knew that even the hardcore fans probably did not hold out much hope for the result. You see Exeter City never win when their game is being televised. I will refer back to club historian Hopkins, but since I believe he told me this sad state of affairs, it probably is true.

Footballers, and footballing fans, are a superstitious mob. But this is almost beyond superstition. So whilst the Greys result may well spell the end of Exter’s promotion hopes, let me add my superstition into the mix. If Barnet continues their poor form we will almost certainly be seeing them next year. Turn that into a definite if all that stands between us and staying up is relying on a result from Torquay.