Totally Magnificent Football Diversions

I regularly visit the messageboard associated with When Saturday Comes and two recent threads have provided much amusement and interest which to me represent the best of the interweb.

The first is where posters make apposite acronyms with club names. It’s a great thread which despite baiting between East Anglian fans shows what a community of intelligent, literate people can achieve very quickly – something genuinely funny and genuinely clever.

The second concerns a thread where people where asked to say which football teams they didn’t like simply because of an unforunate association arising from the teams name. The thread is so-so; a dig at Mick Hucknall here, a comment that the word Ajaccio could be considered smutty in the right hands. In the midst of this popped a post by someone with encyclopaedic knowledge of lower league football in Eastern Germany pre and post unification. Now, such knowledge is often the preserve of people who, well, aren’t often intelligent or witty, or particularly blessed with great social skills. So to find someone German writing in another language with wit and intelligence – well, the discovery of such things makes me very glad for the existence of the interweb.