More on Exeter City’s efforts in the past couple of years to get where they are today from Neil Le Milliere, known to many FreakyTrigger types. You cannot help but get excited for tonights game, especially after Burnley’s win last night (marred by constant shots of Alistair Campbell caper in the stands).

One question comes out of Neil’s piece though. Sure this supporters trust thing is hard, but there seems to be a slight degree of curlishness with regards to potential local benefactors. Yes it might be nice if Noel Edmonds or Nigel Mansell bunged them a bit of money, but in the current situation Exeter is run by the fans and paid for by the fans. They are not reliant on any one major benefactor, shareholder or chairman. Grecian fans know what it is like to hit rock bottom; do they really want to be part of Crinkly Bottom too?