Wrexham? Damn near killed them!

Hot on the heels of Hearts ground woes comes the saga at Wrexham.

The background can be found on the excellent Red Passion site, which covers these revelations from the club chief executive (and former Lincoln City Chairman) John Reames; I think Mr Reames reveals much about the behind-the-scenes goings on at most clubs. Naturally, there’s talk of ground sharing at Chester (more business brains being deployed there. Sheer genius!) Even so, better than the first suggestion of groundsharing in Warrington. He’s getting closer, and may soon discover that the best place for Wrexham to play is, er, Wrexham.

If you want to waste some time, you could do worse than visit the short-lived Dismal Jimmy fanzine which was very funny indeed. Almost as funny as the hysterical letters of the current club owner which he had placed on the club website in an amazing fit of transparency, egotism, and appalling sentence construction.