Why Boxing should be banned

The Manager of Amir Khan gave an interview this morning*; I was unsure whether I’d heard things correctly. Sadly I had.

The main thing is to ‘secure Amir’s financial security’. Maybe they should look to secure the security of the financial security of his finances? Also, Amir needs an offer because ‘the race relations that have come out good with Amir Khan’. They’re also hoping things ‘can be sorted out imminently…in the near future’

Oh dear. I fear Frank Warren will run rings round them. I can sense an argument being had in the Khan camp – cash in now why your star is high. No thought that by doing good things and becoming a champion, he will get all the offers in the world. Take the money quick, seems to be the argument, rather than run the risk of not cashing in now and losing lots if you turn out not to be as good as people thought or hoped.

Lets look at that logic again – give me some money now because I might not be good in future when we hope I’ll be good. I can’t help think that the slide into Prince Naseem-levels of chasing any buck rather than following his talent has begun.

I pretty much knew it anyway, but this interview was the final nail in the coffin for me; boxing will never get cleaner or better, and the idea that it might joins the Parliamentary road to socialism as something that won’t happen. The punters don’t really want a clean sport, a unified title, champions acting with grace and dignity. The say they do, but don’t. They just want to see people getting their heads smashed in.

Like fox-hunting, I’m pretty agnostic about the activity, but the people who like it disappoint me. Getting pleasure from watching animals ripped to shreds, and seeing humans whack each other lets the species down. If people want to bash each other up, then let they. Just don’t let anyone watch. It’s not a nice spectacle inside the ring, but it’s utterly hateful outside it.

* (Click the link at the top right for the interview)