(I love the way this seems to be the only regular Olympic coverage on TMFD)

Archery: Okay, there is a subtle cheat to the Olympic Avoidance Log which, if I am to break my personal best time of one hour needs to be okay by the TMFD Olympic Committee before the end (HALLO THE THREE-DAY-EVENTING JUDGES). I am not counting the five seconds or so I may accumulate flicking between channels and the time it takes for me to recognise that something is the Olympics. Take last night. Suzi Perry was on BBC1 and the Superbikes were on BBC2. It s enough to confuse a man into actually accidentally watching some, say, archery.

Not much archery I have to admit. Enough to see one shot, which reminded me that archery has moved on a bit since Robin Hood. Not for him the pointy, sticky out protuberance on his bow. For one it would make it might uncomfortable to sling over your back when riding through Sherwood Forest. But looking at the movie archers of late: Legolas and blue-body-paint Guinevere, it is clear that they did not need such fanny dangle (yes – I said it) to fire their arrows straight. Moreover they could do it in less that a second, whilst still looking good. Last night all I saw was some middle aged bint in a Madchester hat taking forever to not even hit the bull. One minute.