More crazy goings on from near the bottom end of English professional football… this time Chester City give their account of the departure of their manager, former England centre half Mark Wright.

I’ve never been a fan of Mark Wright: he seemed to manage always to play for loathsome clubs, he managed unpleasant clubs also. That’s maybe not his fault, but I also half-remember an unpleasant incident on the touchline when he brought one of his horrible teams to Exeter a few years back . I don’t remember any details, I just remember that I don’t like Mark Wright, and thus are footballing antipathies formed. Recently I read someone saying he has a face like a fried egg, which is true. And this sentence is puzzling: “At his own request and due to his own matrimonial circumstances Mr Wright was paid direct by Vaughan Promotions (Merseyside) Ltd, throughout his two and a half year tenure.”

There is an alternative story doing the rounds: that Wright was forced out for refusing to include the Chairman’s son in the first team. This story has seeped out through classic PR disinformation means: sourceless rumours, public denial, resurfacing rumours.

Then again, the Chester Chairman, Stephen Vaughan, has his critics, many of whom date from his spell as Chairman of Barrow FC… He’s now “considering his future“, apparently, and if the rumours concerning the sort of losses Chester have been making are true, it could mean trouble for the club.

A murky business whichever way you look at it.