An Involuntary Twitch while listening to 187 Lockdown’s “Gunman” reminded me of how I used to connect with dance music physically. Not in dancing, even, but the way the beats showed you how to walk, gave you poise, a deportment course! I used to feel so lean listening to this stuff (I’ve never been lean). That’s what “losing touch” really means I think, your muscles stop learning how to process new rhythms, you don’t know how to physically react, which leads to mental confusion, second guessing, and so on. It’s an inevitability, like not being able to get it up as often. Happens to some sooner than others. The last thing I understood physically, immediately, was Together’s “So Much Love To Give”.

The good news is you never forget the stuff you did know. Generations of us, sitting in future old folks’ homes, nervous systems still sparking when we hear a long-gone beat, chivvying broken-down bodies into vestigial action.