Just in case a load of fireworks and O-Lympic flames and daft streamers and confetti and Audley Harrison and stuff have distracted you from paying your usual close attention to goings-on in the Conference, let me reassure you: there is still plenty of madness sloshing around.

Case in point: Farnborough Town. Went there last season: nice club, decent little ground, very friendly people, bad boozer near the train station, good solid Conference stuff. What’s up now? Well, it seems that a fellow who was under the impression that he had assumed control of the club from the previous fellow has apparently been gazumped in some underhand way. The poor gazumpee, who it appears has the support of the FTFC community, has (along with club staff and fans) occupied Club premises. They are reportedly surviving on food parcels sent over by the local ASDA. Court cases, injunctions, adjournments, Dean Austin, my word this story has everything.

Good luck to Farnborough’s fans.