If I get one thing out of the Rugby World Cup (and quite possibly I will only get one thing since my love of watching Rugby Union knows some bounds) it was watching Scotland struggle against Japan on Sunday. Not due to any dislike of the Scot’s, or indeed any great love of the Japanese* – rather the venue. The game took place in Townsville.

I am sure the Australians who make their home in Townsville think it is a fine and rather utilitarian name for a conurbation, and i am sure it is a perfectly nice place to live. However the rest of the world were scouring the skies above the stadium to see if some pink, blue and green whooshes would lighten up the sky and save the day from Mojo Jojo or the Gangreene Gang. Well, they couldn’t do the latter cos South Africa weren’t playing.

*Though our discussion on how the Japanese invented Rugby when someone threw a ball into a Sumo ring at Eton School did endear me to them a touch.