I like entering competitions on the web. It strikes me that I am unlikely to win them, but you’ve got to be innit to winnit innit. I have won competitions before, including tickets to Glastonbury, Reading and some free flights to Scotland. Indeed a recent new years resolution was to enter a competition every day (on average). None of those have come to fruition, but it doesn’t stop me wasting thirty seconds of my work day to do so.

The Guardian (indeed all the newspapers) is a good place to start. Which is why I am a touch concerned about this one for Gulf Air for a trip to Bahrain. Good prize and the two questions are easy enough .Who won the 2006 Bahrain Grand Prix? (Alonso) And do I want e-mails from Gulf Air? (No)

Only after I submitted my answer did I think that maybe I got the answer to question two wrong…

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